Neverwinter Nights

Cutscenes not playing right

There is a known issue with Neverwinter Nights where cutscenes won't play with ATI graphics adapters due to a bug in the binkw32.dll as shipped by the game. This issue remains unsolved even with the latest official patches, but patching the offending DLL as explained below solves the problem for most people.

  1. Disable desktop composition on nwmain.exe.
  2. Navigate to your NWN installation directory and find the faulty binkw32.dll file. Rename this file to binkw32_ati.dll.
  3. Download the patched DLL file from here and extract it into the NWN installation directory. This will create a new binkw32.dll file.

After this procedure, your NWN installation directory will contain the original DLL file, renamed as binkw32_ati.dll, and the new binkw32.dll file from here. That's it—the cutscenes should now work again. For more details, please check the forums (post 1 and post 2).

If you don’t want to fiddle around with renaming DLLs and stuff, you can unpack this combined archive which contains both DLLs with the correct names. Just unpack it into your NWN installation directory as explained below.